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13 Civilians Killed in Roadside Bomb Blast in Afghanistan

15 MAR 2012

RIMANEWS - At least 13 afghan civilians, nine children and four women, have been killed in a roadside bomb explosion in Afghanistan’s southern province of Uruzgan.

The incident occurred in Diarawud district on Thursday when a civilian minivan hit the bomb.

"A total of 13 innocent civilians, including four women and nine children, were killed as a roadside bomb struck a car in Siyachoi area of Diarawud district," said Farid Hayel, a provincial police spokesman.

No group or individuals have claimed responsibility for the attack but almost many similar bombings have in the past been blamed on the Taliban.

On Wednesday, eight civilians lost their lives in a similar incident in the neighboring province of Helmand.

The number of civilian fatalities is on the rise in Afghanistan, with over 3,000 Afghans killed in 2011 alone.

The United Nations announced on February 4 that 2011 was the deadliest year on record for Afghan civilians. The death toll rose eight percent compared to the year before and was roughly double the figure for 2007.

Overall, 3,021 civilians died in violence related to the war and 4,507 were wounded in 2011. Of the deaths, the UN attributed 77 percent to militant attacks and 14 percent to US-led foreign troops and Afghan forces. Nine percent of the cases were classified as unknown.

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